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It’s Official….well almost

The key to any great plan is just that planning…while we’ve been doing this sporadically and in a minor way full time for about a year now, we are gearing up for our Official Launch….and I must say that in this business of details, we are the nitpicking and checklist gurus….I think we even have check lists for our check lists! Yes it seems redundant….but it keeps us from missing any of the key details, and more importantly many of the most important details are minute ones – and we have those covered too! When we go live next month, I don’t plan on EVER looking back, and we don’t want to have to say “we should have or could have” done something to make this transition smoother….we want it to be smooth from the start!

There are many pros to the independent life of special events, but there were also many things to consider before making this leap. We’ve found the special events industry to be full of wonderful people that were happy to share best practices; we have received valuable advice from many sources in the meetings and planning industry. What we have learned the most, is that with the right preparation, executing our plan – you know, following those checklists to the letter, it will be much easier and our business will have a greater chance for success.

Our success in planning a flawless launch, will cement our message that at MDM Associates – The Difference Is In The Details!

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