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Love is in the air….but do you really smell it?

Love is in the air now – everything is all red and white and pink – love love love….did you know before you can love someone else – you have to love yourself FIRST? The old adage that “Love don’t cost a thing” is the falsest statement ever written about love – but it does hold some truth in it. LOVE itself doesn’t cost – but the EFFORT costs, the TIME costs, the ENERGY costs and the REWRD is costly – but it really is PRICELESS. Anyone who knows me knows I am my own number one fan…I think so highly of myself, that I don’t need a fan club – I am the president, membership and all fans are welcomed, but I know that I am really the only person who I can truly depend on. Yes I let myself down from time to time, but I also pick myself right back up and give myself that nudge in the right direction on all fronts.

YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE YOURSELF MORE THAN YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE ELSE…otherwise, they will have NO idea how much you are worth!

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