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Making Your #Wedding Day – a DREAM built for two

Starting out on the right foot from the beginning is key!  So I am helping a couple plan the event of their dreams…or so they thought initially – in reality – each of them have a different set of dreams that they want to have their special date.  So I have now become a counselor as well…an event counselor if you will.  He wants an evening event and outdoors– she wants daytime and outdoors…so we agree on outdoors – but not the time of day.  I have suggested that they spend some time thinking and talking together – because they are paying for the services that we provide and each consultation costs them.  Yes, we like the money- however we like to do business the right way, and in this day and time that is more important – we don’t want you to pay us for helping you talk about your dreams together – we want you to pay us to help you to make those dreams a reality. 

To my couples getting engaged and married soon – I suggest that you talk about what you want FIRST before hiring a planner….so that you both have the day of your dreams, and neither one of you is left looking back saying, “I wish” – all you will look back and say is “WOW!”

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