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When I decided to run my business full time, I went to God in prayer for guidance and the discernment necessary to do the work, and honor my committment to run a Godly empire.  It has not been easy, but nothing worth having ever is.  Last week I received a message from one of my clients about an amazing opportunity to be a consuktant with them for their annual event that I helped them to plan 3 years ago. I have been feverent and intentional in my prayer, and staying steadfast to God’s plan for my business and he is BLESSING ME.

I am continuing to expound my knowledge and understanding of the Bible and what it has for my life and that of my family. I am not just going to God with my hands out for his blessing, but also with my heart open for his message and the meaning in my life.

My message to all of you, family, friends, customers, vendors, partners – PEOPLE.  Listen to GOD, ask for what you want, but be willing to hear the message that he has for you, it WILL pay off with hard work, and heart work!

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