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When Do We Spring Clean?

Today I worked HARD for the money….so hard for the money! I scheduled meetings, started building budgets for 2 events, called and connected with 20 different hotels for referral business, ran errands to get dinner and breakfast pairings for my scholar/athlete – all before 3pm. I sent silly texts with my boo…picked my mini up from school, got her started on her room and their bathroom, at which time she decided to clean under the bathroom sinks…sitting in my office

I couldn’t help but smile…and then look around and realize that I too could clean under… under my desk, under that stack of folders….under the makings of a wedding reception I’m planning for September that has begun to take over my office.

I decided I will map out how I want to decorate my office – starting with clearing the clutter. For the next 3 hours I threw away papers, organized files, rearranged my desk. Made my workspace functional and even set up a floral appointment For delivery tomorrow.

Everything isn’t finalized in terms of set up and there are still a few key accent pieces I want to get and mirrors to hang but it’s definitely not where it was. It’s springtime, time for everything to be fresh and brand new. I advise you to start with where you spend your time…my home is already in transformation…so the next place was my office! And for me my office has to be a haven of peace and tranquility. It’s clean and thanks to my new scentsy diffuser, it smells SO good. Now I look forward to opening my blinds and letting the Lord’s light shine in

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