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Bring the past into your future

I heard a song today that made me think back to when I was younger and in that love that only the young know. You know the one where you can only think about that person and how the rest of your life will be – engrossed with that other person. When you get older you realize that you have that love for other things, but in most cases not the person you are with. Why is it so easy to understand love when you are you and clearly have no understanding – but as you get older you don’t understand it at all? Love isn’t just about what you get, nor is it about just what you give…it is about the best of both of those worlds. The reason that as a younger person it is so easy is because all you focus on is being happy, and not everything else around you. As an adult it should be that simple too…yes life takes you in many different directions, and puts 500000 more things on your plate but it is as simple as if you want it to work – you will work at what you want.

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