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I am Désirée McCoy and I am the CEO/Founder of Events by MDM Associates. I have an impeccable natural flare for creativity and elegance when designing and managing weddings and events. Combining my detail-oriented nature with my hospitality background, The Difference IS IN the Details!

In 2005 I founded Events by MDM Associates, LLC, because I am passionate about creating exciting out of the box weddings and events. Additionally, being a small business owner has allowed
me to follow my passions.

In my free time, I travel with my family and try new rollercoasters. I love food! I am a true believer in trying everything at least once, and I live for a drop coaster and thrill seeking! (If you do too and you want to keep up with my family adventures, make sure to follow me on Instagram @desireese)

Within my 15 year career, I have had the chance to develop relationships with some amazing vendors in the DC area. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing charities including
Children’s National Medical Center, The Cause and The Cure, Friends of Nicole Williams, Service Never Sleeps, and Shepherd’s Cover Emergency Shelter.


CEO/Lead Event Stylist


Born and raised in Maryland just a few miles from D.C., Chris graduated from Hood College, with degree in Early Childhood Education, but during her undergraduate career found her passion in event planning through her friendships and with organizations on campus. After graduation, Chris continued learning more about weddings and events by interning with Events by MDM Associates, where she is now a lead coordinator assisting with pre-planning and on wedding days. Chris's favorite venues are Rockledge
, in Virginia with its beautiful indoor/outdoor scenery, it is literally built INTO the mountain and Gaylord National Resort because it's close to the water and they seem to have everything that's needed for events, (except maybe for parking), but still, with its open space that can be transformed to your
perfect event!

Some of Chris's favorite things: the color purple, bubbles (flowers aren’t her thing!), concerts, seafood, wine, and laughing with friends and family.

Chris's favorite wedding moment: When the couple (the bride moreso than the groom) sees the venue space transformed from a dream to their reality that's created but us


Event Stylist


Born In Washington DC, raised in PG County. Her favorite event to style would be children’s parties. The colors & themes always allow her designs to run with the full power of her imagination. 

Some of Lexi’s favorite things: Spending time with family, a night on the town and traveling

Lexi’s favorite wedding moment: Bride & Groom exchanging their vows, and the reception of course lol 


Event Stylist

What do you love about hosting and designing events: I love being able to make the clients’ vision come to life. Creating core memories is such an honor and privilege that gives me a joy that is unmeasurable.

Fav party essential: My fave party essential is probably a wine glass. There’s never a dull moment at an event with wine!

Fun fact about you: I am a Disney adult through and through. I travel to Disney world every year for my birthday in January. I’ve seen every Disney movie and even collect Disney snowglobes.

Quote that represents you:  “ Be at peace, not in piece


Balloon Stylist


Meet Nate, our dedicated Groom's Coordinator, and the unsung hero behind the scenes ensuring your big day unfolds seamlessly. With a passion for precision and a knack for orchestrating flawless celebrations, Nate takes the stress out of the groom's experience.

Nate's expertise lies in guiding groomsmen with a calm and confident demeanor, ensuring they're on time and picture-perfect. From coordinating details to handling last-minute tasks, Nate's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his work.

With an eye for detail and a focus on creating an immersive experience, Nate ensures that the groom's journey is as memorable as the celebration itself. Trust Nate to navigate the intricacies of the day, allowing you to relax, enjoy, and create lasting memories.

Let Nate be your go-to expert, turning your vision into a reality and ensuring that your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary. Because every groom deserves a stress-free and remarkable experience, and with Nate by your side, that's exactly what you'll get. Elevate your wedding day with Nate, your Groom's Coordinator extraordinaire.


Groom's Coordinator

I love to see the joys on people's faces when their vision has been made a reality.


Fav party essential would be balloons/decor and music


Fun fact about me: I probably should have been a chef because I love to cook


"She believed she could and she did!" & "I can do ALL things who strengthens me!"


360 Maestro 


What do you love about hosting and designing events: I love being creative, social, and bringing people together. Even if it's just my daughter's birthday party, I love doing things that folks have never seen before. Making it fun and memorable. 


Fav party essential: Music... a good playlist


Fun fact about you: hmmmm... I have 21 tattoos and I'm not done.


Quote that represents you: Entrepreneurship isn't a job it's a lifestyle.


Brand Strategist/Graphic Designer

What do you love about hosting and designing events:


- Hosting and designing events adds spice to everything. They make a party more lively and enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, they are essential if you want your event to become remarkable to the visitors.


Fav party essential:

- For me, it’s important that a party has good food and a beautiful decoration (especially if it’s a birthday party)


Fun fact about you:

- I create content videos on TikTok and Youtube. My niche is all about lifestyle, travel, and beauty.


Quote that represents you:

- The only person you are destined to become is the person you

decide to be.


Social Media Manager/ Virtual Assistant


What do you love about hosting and designing events: 


What I love the most when it comes to hosting and designing events is its impact on attendees. Hosting and designing events provide individuals with an opportunity to craft lasting impressions for their guests. Witnessing attendees having a great time, actively participating in the event, and departing with favorable recollections can be immensely gratifying.



Fav party essential:


Entertainment options such as games, activities, or performers and Party favors/giveaways can also be a thoughtful touch.



Fun fact about you:


 I love singing, dancing and eating sea foods. I’m quite a picky eater but I prefer simple foods than fancy foods



Quote that represents you:


Work hard and be nice to people (It’s my fb cover photo )


Social Media Manager/Virtual Assistant



Get to Know Us

My Love Story - The Events by MDM Associates Journey
I started MDM Associates over 15 years ago with a clear vision and a strong desire to provide a service that eased the planning process of events and weddings. It's both inspiring and encouraging that a business that started off with just me is now growing. I started planning a few weddings and now I assist local venues, provide mentorship to new inspiring planners, and have expanded to other cities.

At Events by MDM Associates LLC (also known as MDM Associates), we are focused on providing you with proactive, affordable, and amazing wedding planning and design services. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction. As such we are customer focused and will do everything, we can to exceed your expectations.

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