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Dequan’s Orthopaedic Bicycle Fund-Raiser Bake Sale

MDM is proud to support this remarkable young man in his journey!


Dequan was able to ride a bicycle for the first time at the age of 11 and he has been pedaling ever since. The current bike Dequan has was given as a loaner until his new bicycle was approved by his insurance. The insurance has denied the purchase twice but Dequan and his family are determined for him to have it. The bike is for orthopedic & recreation use and is used daily for his physical therapy.

Please support us so that we can help his wish come true.

To place your order call: 240-876-9568 (Pre-Orders Suggested for Guarantee)

Dinner Menu – $12 Fried Fish or Fried Chicken Sweet Potatoes or Potato Salad Mac n Cheese Collard Greens Corn Bread

Dessert Menu – $2 Cupcakes Cake Slices Banana Pudding

Drinks – $1 Homemade Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Soda, and Water

*Dequan and Family thank you in advance for your support*

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