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Following the signs…listening to the voices within

So last week I talked about ade or pie, because of something that I was experiencing in my life.

Well that was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make in life – but I prayed on it and went to seek counsel from my trusted friends and guides….then the funniest thing happened.

  While I had been praying on it in my inner circle and my spirit, God had been speaking to a deaconess at my church.

  Yesterday after the service – she told me that God deposited a message in her spirit for me – he told her that it was time for me to let it go…I had done all I could do..this was so profound.

  For even though I had started to make strides in one direction as opposed to another, I was still having doubts – but God, MY GOD, he worked it out – her message was just on time, and made that meringue even sweeter!

The moral to this post is that I knew all along what needed to be done – no matter what opposition I raised, the answer was still the same – even though I was second guessing myself all along the way, I knew – that little voice was always there urging me to take the necessary steps to do what ultimately had to be done…and finally GOD raised his mighty voice and had someone else tell me to do what I had been trying to get out of all along…

Listen to your heart, your mind, your spirit – just listen – the answer always lies within you…

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