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Lemons – will you make Ade or Pie??

So sometimes life hands you lemons and you can only think to make lemonade…othertimes you have to take the bitter taste and just make due, and you only think to eat the lemons….then there are those special bittersweet moments when you realize, that what you have is really the ingredients for lemon meringue pie – you just have to do a little more work and put in more effort.

This week, one of the staff at, MDM Associates got thrown a bag of eggs AND lemons – at first there was no bright side – all she could see was to fry the eggs and make lemonade..when from a relatively surprising source came the idea to use those ingredients in a recipe to make lemon meringue pie! Now it wasn’t easy – they weren’t the freshest eggs or lemons – but with much effort and elbow grease – we have THE absolute best lemon meringue pie to snack on around here….

I can hear you thinking – “What on EARTH does this have to do with the price of tea in China?” This is simply a metaphor for a situation that was horribly wrong and unfair from the onset – not to mention mean and spiteful – BUT in the end, it turned out to be a blessing. When someone does something unkind to you – or your day just isn’t going right – before you start to harp on the negative and bury yourself deeper and deeper into a pit of despair – find the one truth – the one good thing about the situation and instead of drinking bitter lemonade – make a lemon meringue pie!

Remember at MDM Associates, the DIFFERENCE is in the details!

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