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NYE 2022

As I sit here reflecting on all that has transpired this year, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion!

It has been a very full year…a year of loss, and of love, of growth and of pause. A year of: working 2 full time jobs. One job that helped pay the bills, and one job that I have dreamed about doing my entire life. A lot of people thought and told me I was crazy. I might be a little crazy, but I’ve always had a dream. A dream to be an event coordinator, planner. Is it easy? No way! But I so enjoy making people happy with great memories, and good times! Some people may have thought I had gone crazy, and threw caution to the wind and cannonballed off the deep end, nope! I prayed very hard for God to give me the answer. when I would feel the most scared and felt like my throat and chest wouldn’t allow me to take another breath, God would give me a new opportunity. Every single time! Yet, this girl would still question his responses to me. For nearly a month I prayed, and prayed some more. Reese and I had many conversations and questions. I got them all answered and God showed out! I’ve met so many new friends in my business this year. I’ve gotten to see lots of venues, hear lots of DJs, learn lots of new things, and eat lots of cake!!

This girl also learned that trusting in herself and in her Lord and Savior has been the biggest blessing of 2022. I want to thank each and every single one of you for allowing me to style your birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, Christmas parties, veterans celebrations, family reunions, football parties, open houses, grandparents breakfasts, school fairs, and all the things in between. You too took a leap of faith with entrusting me to design your event, and I so thank you! Thanks for trusting me to provide you with great quality and great service! Here’s to 2023, and making lots of new friends and memories


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