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Plan accordingly and your dreams will come true!

When you plan for anything in life – the first step is to do just that PLAN.  Let’s take it letter by letter and see what we come up with. 


P-PROPOSE what it is you would like accomplished.  And I mean in detail.  For example, if you want to by a car, you know that means that you have to decide on style, color, make and model – then you have to work on your budget to make sure you are saving or deciding what payment you are comfortable with each month.

L – LIVE what it is you would like accomplished.  No getting side tracked and no “just this time”.  You wouldn’t want your dream car to cheat on you and not live up to your expectations right? So why get side tracked and stop living for your dream.

A – ACCEPT what it takes to get what is you would like accomplished.  understand that you may need to revise your initial proposal – you may need to save a little more, or get your credit together to get to your monthly payments – then LIVE with it and you will have what you want the most.  Your car may not be a convertible and may not have 4wheel drive, but know what its capable of, accept it and make it do what it do!

N – NEVER stop working towards your goal until you have what it is you would like accomplished.  Yes you may have to revise your plan o even rework how you get to that goal – but never give up on getting there.  

The analogy of the car here refers to life – whether it is getting married, having kids, buying a car, or getting a new job – the premise of living your PLAN equals the promise of living your dream!

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