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5 Hidden Wedding Fees

1. Makeup and Hair Trials – Did you know a bridal hair trial can cost as much as 75% of the day-of price? You’re basically doubling your beauty budget! Always ask them what they charge before you commit, but keep in mind, trials are pretty necessary to ensure you’re going to love your wedding-day look.

2. Wedding Insurance – Yes, it’s a thing and most venues require you purchase it. Websites like offer it and for a fraction of your budget, you could save quite a few tears if the worst happens. Get a quote!

3. Postage – You’ll need a lot of stamps for your save-the-date’s, invites, and thank-you’s (for bridal showers AND the wedding). Postage rates could be $1-2 for each piece of stationary. The key is to keep your paper products simple and low-bulk.

4. Meals for the Day Of – A girls gotta eat —and so do your attendants. Breakfast and lunch should be provided to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and whoever else is helping set up the morning of.

5. Tax – Sales tax will get you every time. It’s nothing I can predict for you, but always remember it’s there!

Soon, I’ll be sharing with you our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide. A no-fluff, straight-to-the-point resource for your planning needs. Interested? It’s coming soon!

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