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Are you thinking about planning your wedding?

Getting married this year or next year?

Are you thinking about planning your wedding?

Are you planning on working on your wedding day?

Hopefully, you said no. If you are on the fence about doing it yourself, then please don’t be like this bride. Last year a close friend of mine was a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding in Southern Maryland. She said it was a beautiful venue. The venue was a small gazebo with a small lake. They had a tent reserved for the reception, and the ceremony space was set up facing the water. A stunning setting for a wedding. But when my friend was ready to get her makeup done, she was surprised to see the bride working. Instead of relaxing, talking, and sipping wine with her bridesmaids, the bride was:

Directing the set up of the tables and chairs

Placing the linens on the tables

Setting up the centerpieces for the tables

Making sure the fans in the tent had power

Calling the baker to see when the cake was coming because it was late

Calling the pastor to see where he was because he was late

Setting up a backdrop for guests to take pictures

Directing the caterer where they should set up

Telling the bartenders where they should set up

Telling the DJ and the band where they should set up

Making sure the band and the DJ had power

Helping set up the flower arrangements

Calling the photographer because she was also late

Calling her fiance to make sure he knew what time he should be there

AND MORE The bride had a friend helping her, but her friend wasn’t much help, because she was in the wedding too – and didn’t even know where to begin. She had to wait until the bride told her what to do. It was clear that her friend wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. To no surprise, the bride was the last person to get her makeup on, and she still had to take a shower.

She was late. ⏱️ Really late.

With no timeline and no one in charge, everything fell behind schedule. Vendors were still setting up an hour before the wedding. They had no real direction and no one to guide them. The guests started to arrive. Because the ceremony and the reception were at the same location, the guest didn’t know where they should sit and were confused. It was hot outside, so most of the guest wanted to sit in the shade in the tent near where they parked. Remember this is during a pandemic – so no one wanted to be close to people they came with, so they moved chairs and tables the way they felt comfortable.

Finally, the bride was ready, but she was tired. Her attitude after the ceremony showed she was tired. She didn’t want to take pictures

and was just ready for the day to be over. She tried to enjoy herself, but she was too exhausted from trying to coordinate everything herself.

Do you want to be like this bride? Or would you rather have someone you can trust to handle and supervise everything for you? 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿 Now, maybe you’re thinking it’s ok to help set stuff up, or even give people a little direction, or also that you could save money by not hiring a wedding planner, but do you want to take that chance on your wedding day? What happens WHEN something goes wrong?

The cake doesn’t show up in time.

The DJ has no power for her equipment because nobody thought about it.

The pastor is late.

The floor plan you designed is set up all wrong.

You can’t find the rings.

The photographer is late and is lost.

The caterer is late setting up.

What would you do? What’s your backup plan? Do you have a list of resources in case one of your vendors is a no show? Can you really trust your friend to handle something like this? Aren’t they supposed to be helping YOU, and enjoying the day WITH you?

I understand that weddings can be expensive


and that you want to save as much money as you can, but this is one of the most important days of your life. Have you thought about hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator just for your wedding day? A Day of Wedding Coordinator does not just show up on the day of your wedding and start working. A good coordinator will begin working weeks in advance to make sure everything is ready and in place, and that all your vendors are on board and all on the same page. The day of coordinator will review all the contracts you made with your vendors, and spot and address any potential problems they see. The day of coordinator will also attend and supervise your wedding rehearsal as a precursor to your actual wedding day. With Day 0f Wedding Coordination you get:

Day of coordination starting eight weeks before your wedding day

A timeline created for the entire wedding day so that everyone is on the same page

Reviewing of all vendor contracts

Calling all your vendors to verify that things will are done as per your agreement

Running and supervising your wedding rehearsal

Coordinating the set up of the ceremony and reception spaces

Coordinating vendor arrival and deliveries with the venue

Making sure your wedding is on time and on schedule

Solving unexpected problems and emergencies

Organizing the after wedding cleanup and vendor rental pickups so that you don’t incur extra fees

Your emergency wedding kit

This is just a tip of the iceberg of the work that we put in to ensure that you are really able to be in the moment… Please schedule a time here and we can connect to see if a Day of Coordinator is right for you

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