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Dream Girls Project Reloaded


When I was in high school in DC, the one for the Arts in NW, the term “dream girl” was a double edged sword. If you were a coke bottle dream you usually were the subject of dirty fantasies. The play Dream Girls was the epitome of the right girl, wrong time, who becomes the slighted girl ultimately getting the upper hand. Beauty, power and brains: every man’s dream.


SHAOLIN JAZZ – DREAM GIRLS has managed to capture that same raw, gritty power and keep it so sexy and sensual. It is everything that a woman is! Now imagine all of that with a touch of New York, that real soul, HIP HOP. City streets, DJ booths, and records, and I’m talking vinyl, not synths and studio tricks!

SHAOLIN JAZZ-DREAM GIRLS is just that! It’s official, it’s the the stuff dreams are made of…..DREAM GIRLS – SHAOLIN JAZZ-DREAM GIRLS, to be exact!


Sex meets streets, dreams meet reality, SHAOLIN JAZZ-DREAM GIRLS.

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