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How To Plan A Wedding, In 10 Steps

1. Celebrate And Get Inspired

It’s really happening—congrats! Pop a bottle and start dreaming up your wedding vision together. Questions? Read all the expert wedding advice you’ll ever need. 

2. Crunch The Numbers

Hash out budget and guest list as early as possible, because they affect each other (and the rest of your planning) in a BIG way. 

Pro Tip: Play around with headcounts. 

Pro Tip: Create individual funds for honeymoon activities. Guests LOVE specificity! It’s never too early! We recommend a mix of upgrades, experiences, and honeymoon funds. Have it ready when your wedding website is live so guests can shop! 

4. Build Your Registry

From wedding party proposals to researching (and hiring) awesome vendors, it truly takes a village. We’ll help you choose wisely. 

3. Assemble Your Crew

Pro Tip: Have a stash of thank you cards ready in time for your shower!

Think of a wedding shower as an extra chance to a) celebrate with your inner circle a few months before the big day, and b) get some really thoughtful gifts. 

8. Get Showered

From suiting and gowns, to outfits for ‘maids and ‘men, we’ve got you covered. Two things most couples forget: accessories (so fun and personal!) and alterations (budget accordingly). 

7. Find Your Attire

Pro Tip: Print your wedding website URL on your save the dates!

Mail your cards (or magnets!) to your “Definitely Invited” list anywhere from 8-12 months before the big day. Err closer to a year out if most guests are traveling.

6. Save Your Date

Think of it as a hub for guests to get all your wedding details, from hotel blocks to your registry. Try out different designs and add more info as you go. 

5. Start Your Wedding Website

9. Invite Your Loved Ones

The general rec is to send your wedding invitations 2-3 months before the big day. We’ll guide you through what etiquette is worth following, and what’s worth rejecting completely.

10. Prep For The Day Of

We’re talking all the small details that couples save for last (but not least): programs and menus, getting ready essentials, ceremony decor, vendor tipping, and more

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