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Life after loss

Life after loss, reforming, regrowing stages…..I am going to call this year – the year of 2022, the year New Beginnings. Losing my mother has had me in a place of pause…I am neither coming, nor going, I just am….something that is not normal for me …but then again NOTHING is normal for me anymore.

I have had to re-find myself and refine myself..without her, the first most important person in my life, my mom, my mommy, my first best friend. I am continuing on with everything anew all within my old self..a shell of myself if you will. Grief is definitely a process, and it takes its own sweet time. This time varies from person to person. This next stage is not going to be easy for me to get to but once it is reached, it will also be a bit overwhelming with its beautiful gratitude. As we progress forward, we will NEVER forget where we’ve come from nor the loss of my mom. All of this will only help to reshape us into whom we are to become. It will be alright for me to smile again, laugh again, be happy again all while being scared, unsure, cautioned and undeniably sad. If you have reached this stage, I congratulate you; if you have not, I tell you to keep pressing forward through the frontline pain and the healing process- because you will get there, I will get there. Together, we will get through this grief my friend. Keep pressing into our Father – the Lord. Psalm 30:2 . .

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