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“Must Haves” list for your wedding Photographer

Do you have an idea of what photos you want to capture on your wedding day?

Creating a picture perfect wedding album has more to do with planning and preparation than you may think. We will show you how to create a complete “Must Haves” list for your wedding photographer in 4 easy steps.

Here is what you will need to get started…

1. A List of Places you Know you want to Capture – This should include any spaces at the getting ready location, ceremony space, and reception area. You can get really creative with this list.

2. A List of Moments you Know you want to Capture – This usually includes getting ready shots, first look, reactions, walking down the aisle, introductions and special dances. You should be very detailed with this list.

3. A List of People you Know you want to Capture – This list will include family and friends to get formal portraits with and candid shots with. You need to write down the names of each person. You will understand why later.

4. Once you have your list gathered, you will be able to put them in an order of sequence based on your wedding timeline. Now here is where having a wedding planner on your team comes in handy because this is something I take care of for clients all the time. Here is the normal order of photos but feel free to change it to suit your needs.

Getting Ready Photos

Photo by Mari Springer

Ceremony Photos

Reception Photos

Photos by Mari Springer

Newly Wed Photos

Photos by Mari Springer

Need sample list to get you started? Download our Photography Must Haves Printable List.

Click Here get your printable list.

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