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Should You Do Hair Or Make Up First?

This depends on how you want your hair to be styled. If your hair needs to be washed, rolled and heated, book your hair appointment first. It can then be drawn back to apply your makeup.

If you are unsure, speak to an experienced hair stylist, and we have an entire list of carefully vetted professionals. They will give you their top advice on when your hair should be styled on your big day. If you are going for a natural-looking style, allocate the first makeup slot to the bride. It’s her day, after all! Not only is hers the most important to be perfected, but also gives the bride a stunning look for the rest of her ‘getting ready’ photos. While the bride is having her make up applied, the hair stylist can start work on the first bridesmaid’s hair. Once the bride has that final touch just right, the stylist can begin styling her hair. Don’t worry if you want your make up to look ‘fresh’. A professional should apply your make up to last all day and into the evening.

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