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So you just got engaged

You just got engaged and don’t know where to start?

(Not my work, but we can make it happen ❤️)

I ask the client, what is your event design budget…$2000 for 100 guest. Please understand that is not possible! Florals alone may cost you $5000. Your vision must fit your budget!

We encourage you to start thinking about your wedding budget. Don’t book any vendors and definitely don’t jump to book a venue until you determine your budget. There are so many other items that come into play with a wedding! Several times a day I receive quote request with vision pictures similar to this.

(Not my work, but we can make it happen ❤️)

When planning your wedding and budgeting for everything, just remind yourself that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go as planned. This experience is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Set your goals! Set your overall wedding budget and do your research.

You can also hire a wedding planner to take care of everything to keep you on track!

Let Events by MDM Associates juggle the roles of designer, legal counsel, budget manager, coordinator and so much more—all while helping you pull together your wedding.

Currently booking for 2023 & 2024!

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