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YOUR Recession Proof Plan!

At MDM Associates, we understand how challenging times like this can be. We would like offer assistance to you and your guests. We would like to offer your guests to be our guests. We offer one-on-one assistance to our guests to ensure that their high level of quality is met. So you can rest assured that your guests will be pleased.

Have a client that you can not accommodate – yet you want to maintain that relationship? What better way that to lead them to someone who CAN find them accommodations! At MDM Associates – we work for you!

The Referral Partner program is designed to reward individuals who promote MDM Associates to their colleagues and peers. Partners providing MDM Associates with a qualified lead that result in at least one confirmed reservation will receive a referral fee of 50% of the commission of the actualized room revenue.

Follow this easy step to become a member of our lucrative Referral Program and begin submitting referrals:

Provide information about the organization and contact person we should contact about MDM Associates. A professional account representative will follow up with your referral, introduce them to MDM Associates and take care of the rest. Your referral fee will be paid when the group departs the hotel, and payment is received from the chosen hotel.

In order to qualify for compensation under the Referral Partner program, the lead must be a prospective client of whom MDM Associates is not aware and must close within 120 days after the lead is submitted. If a lead is submitted that MDM Associates was previously pursuing, we will communicate this to you to determine eligibility of the referral. All referrals must be submitted through email or written confirmation must be sent from MDM Associates confirming acknowledgement that the lead is being. accepted as a referral. Please send all leads to

If you are a hotelier and are not able to accept the payment but want to help your clients find space – please refer them to us! WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Kim – Relationship Specialist MDM Associates 202-271-1804 mobile Our goal is to help you save your company time and money associated with planning and paying for meetings. THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAILS!

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